Police warnings about dog fouling in Kenilworth and Burton Green

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Warwickshire Police are urging dog owners in Kenilworth and Burton Green to pick up after their dog following several complaints from people in the area.

Police are advising dog owners to not leave behind their dog’s excrement, to never leave used bags at the side of the road or hung up in a tree and to not leave used bags behind to collect later.

If there are no waste bins available on a walk, police advise dog owners to take used bags home with them and to dispose of them responsibly.

A statement from Warwickshire Police said: “The majority of dog owners are responsible and do pick up after their dogs. Unfortunately the few owners who don’t give others a bad reputation.

“This is not just an issue for built up areas but for local parks and the surrounding countryside that we are blessed with.”

Dog excrement can pose health risks if not disposed of correctly.

Anyone who has a problem with dog fouling in their area should contact the Warwick District Council Dog Warden on 01926 410410 or contact the Kenilworth Safer Neighbourhood Team on 01926 684442.