Leamington man detained at secure psychiatric unit after hurling racial abuse and threats

A Leamington man hurled threats and racist abuse at a railway station - after being given a suspended prison sentence for a similar incident at a hospital.

And after hearing of the risk Ryhan Ali is believed to pose, a judge at Warwick Crown Court ordered that he should be detained at a secure psychiatric unit.

Ryhan Ali

Ryhan Ali

Ali (24) of Leam Terrace, Leamington, was made subject to a hospital order under the Mental Health Act, with a restriction which means he can only be released with the approval of a mental health tribunal.

He had pleaded guilty to two offences of racially aggravated threatening words and behaviour.

Prosecutor Andrew Wilkins said that Ali had a history of racially aggravated offences, including making hoax calls to the emergency services and threatening behaviour.

In May last year Ali was given a 12-month prison sentence suspended for two years for three racially-aggravated offences.

But ten days before that sentence was imposed at the crown court, he had already committed a further offence at Hall Green railway station in Birmingham, said Mr Wilkins.

He had made calls to the emergency services which had led to concerns about his health, but when the police arrived at the station he denied making the calls.

He was asked to leave the station and was put in a taxi, but he then made several more calls to West Midlands Police in which he used abusive racist and threatening language.

Among his rants, Ali told an emergency operator: “This country is for Muslims. I’m going to f*** those white c***s up. I’m going to stab them just because they’re white."

And in another he threatened: “I’ll find you and stab you and slash your throat and rape you.”

Appearing at Birmingham Crown Court in June, the judge there deferred sentence after hearing that by then Ali had been given the suspended sentence at Warwick Crown Court over similar incidents at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and Warwick Hospital.

Then on June 12 Ali turned up at Birmingham International station where he complained of feeling faint.

But as he was being helped by two members of staff his attitude changed, and he threatened: “You don’t know who I am. You don’t know what I’m capable of. I’ll glass you.”

He called one staff member a ‘P**i b*****d,’ spat at him and threatened to get a knife and stab him, added Mr Wilkins.

Spencer Stephens, defending, said two psychiatrists who had examined Ali agree he was suffering from a mental condition of a degree that would justify him being subject to a hospital order with restrictions on when he could be released.

The court heard that since being at a psychiatric unit, Ali had been responding to treatment, but had also shown violence towards other residents and members of staff.

And although his convictions had involved threats rather than actual violence, there were concerns that he might act on those threats in the future.

So Judge Anthony Potter made Ali subject to a hospital order with a restriction order – but ordered that his suspended sentence should also continue.

The judge told Ali: “I have to deal with you for two sets of offences, both arising from instances at train stations in the Birmingham area.

“They involved extreme threats and repeated racial insults... showing a disturbing tendency to threaten Caucasian individuals with very serious harm.

“I am satisfied you are suffering from Autistic Spectrum disorder of a nature and degree which makes it appropriate for you to be detained in hospital for medical treatment.”

At the hearing when the suspended sentence was imposed, the court heard that in June 2018 Ali was seen in a corridor at Warwick Hospital and was verbally aggressive when asked to leave.

He called one security officer ‘English scum’ and a ‘white b*****d,’ among his more printable insults, and referred to another as a ‘P**i,’ saying he was ‘not a true Muslim.’

Then in August 2018, after appearing at the crown court earlier that day over the incident at the hospital, he turned up at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford.

Ali told staff he had gone there to hurt someone, saying he was going to take a knife into the theatre and talking of white people and Asians as ‘scum,’ ranting that he hated the English and was ‘going to get a gun and kill English pigs.’