Could donor for boy with rare condition be in Kenilworth?

A nationwide search to find a donor for a boy with a rare blood condition will make its way to Kenilworth this weekend.

Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 10:05 am
Updated Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 5:29 pm
Marley Nicholls has a rare blood condition, and his family is searching to find a stem cell donor

'Marrow for Marley' is a campaign to find a stem cell donor for six-year-old Marley Nicholls, from Newport in Wales.

He was recently diagnosed with aplastic anaemia, a rare blood disorder affecting the bone marrow. His family have been told that his best chance of survival is to undergo a stem cell transplant from a matching stranger.

Marley is the grandson of former Coventry RFC player Julian Horrobin, meaning there may be a chance someone in the nearby area, including Kenilworth, could be a match for Marley.

The campaign will come to Kenilworth RFC on Saturday October 6 between 5.30 and 7.30pm looking for donors. Anyone visiting aged between 16 to 30 can simply have a swab in their mouth to see if they are a match.

Kenilworth cyclist Mark Nicholas, who survived leukaemia thanks to a stem cell transplant, encouraged people to turn up.

He added: "This is an open invitation to all of Kenilworth and the more people registered the better the chance of finding a match for Marley or someone else who needs a transplant."

The campaign will also head to Berkswell and Balsall RFC on Tuesday October 9 at 5.30pm.