Controversial 24/7 gym finally set to open in Kenilworth this November

The gym will open on the first floor above 12 to 17 in Talisman
The gym will open on the first floor above 12 to 17 in Talisman

A controversial gym which will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, will be opening in Kenilworth this November.

National gym company Anytime Fitness will be opening the gym in the space above the shops from units 12 to 17 in Talisman, more than a year after planning permission was granted by Warwick District Council.

At the time, the district council said the opening hours ‘would not cause undue disturbance to neighbouring residential or commercial units.’

But its all-day, all-night opening hours were described as ‘alien to Kenilworth’ by Kenilworth Town Council, and rival gyms also raised objections.

Jack Gibson, who runs Fitness Worx in Common Lane industrial estate, believed the district council gave the gym planning permission too easily compared to his own in 2014.

He said: “It took us a long time to get planning permission - more than a year. We fought a very hard battle.

“And the fact someone like that can come in and open a facility just because they’ve got status - to me that’s disgraceful.”

“But we’re not threatened by them. We’ve got an awesome client base here. The community we’ve got here will stand with us through thick and thin.”

Before planning permission was granted, Denise Francis, the owner of nearby gym Curves Kenilworth, was worried about potential security issues the new gym might create.

She said: “The plan shows direct access through a fire exit to the first-floor landing of 11 Talisman House, making businesses in this part of the premise more vulnerable to break-ins.

“This area is currently only accessible via a security door with an access code and buzzer system.

“My understanding is these 24-hour gyms are unmanned for much of the time, particularly at night, and I believe this to be a security risk.”

But Dan Smith of Courthouse Croft said: “We need to be positive towards bringing a variety of little and big named shops to areas which will reach out to everyone and not just one area of the population.”

An exact opening date has yet to be announced.