Construction vehicles to drive on Kenilworth Greenway to access Crackley Triangle site

The Greenway path looking down onto Coventry Road
The Greenway path looking down onto Coventry Road

Part of the Kenilworth Greenway will be driven on by large construction vehicles as part of upcoming roadworks, it has emerged.

The major roadworks on Common Lane as part of a 93-home plan on nearby Crackley Triangle are set to start today (Monday February 12).

The Greenway entrance that the vehicles will use

The Greenway entrance that the vehicles will use

But large vehicles used to help complete these works will get onto the site in another way - by using the Greenway path on the east side of Coventry Road.

Gary Woodcock, who lives on nearby Redthorne Grove and who often uses the Greenway to head to Kenilworth and Burton Green, has big concerns over safety.

He said: "I see so many people walking up and down there throughout the day.

"I just cannot understand how they're going to drive big trucks and lorries along that path. It's just nuts."

The Crackley Triangle site off Common Lane

The Crackley Triangle site off Common Lane

Workers from Galliford Try are planning to widen the narrow access to the Crackley Triangle site, which lies between the two existing bridges over the railway and Kenilworth Greenway on Common Lane.

The work is expected to last six months.

Temporary traffic lights will sometimes be used to direct traffic on Common Lane, although these will not be used during peak times (7.30 to 9.30am and between 3 and 6pm on weekdays). There may also be night closures.

A concrete structure will be built into the Greenway to allow the access to be widened so vehicles can drive in and out of the site more easily.

Once this has been set up, the junction will be controlled by three-way signals.

A letter sent to nearby residents on behalf of Warwickshire County Council said: "A section of Kenilworth Greenway between the A429 Coventry Road and Common Lane Bridge will be protected and improved to accommodate construction traffic during the works.

"This section will remain open to the public, except for where short closures are required for safety concerns."

Other works will include widening the road and improving the existing bridges.

Changes to the 93-home plan were only just voted through by Warwick District Council's planning committee at a meeting in January 2017.

Outline planning permission was granted in 2014.