Community Facebook page appealing for help delivering pizzas to homeless in Leamington

Homelessness: stock photo
Homelessness: stock photo

A community Facebook page is appealing for help to dish out pizzas to homeless people in Leamington tonight (Wednesday).

People behind the Spotted Leamington Facebook page are looking for volunteers to join them in collecting and delivering pizza to homeless people in the town.

People who are with the mobile network Three can give away a free pizza to those who are sleeping rough by using the Wuntu app.

On the app they can get a free pizza from Domino’s and give it to someone who needs it.

If anyone is on the Three network they can get involved by downloading the app, putting in their phone details and they will then get sent a discount code and then you have to buy the pizza using the code on the Dominos website.

It is a collection only offer but people taking part can send their codes via a message to the Spotted Leamington Facebook page where they will then collect and deliver them.