Choir seeks help keeping its voice strong in Burton Green

Burton Green Village Choir
Burton Green Village Choir

Burton Green singers are calling out for help finding a new choirmaster to keep them singing through adversity.

Judi Hibberd, chair of the village choir said the 15-strong group formed three years ago as a fun and friendly distraction to the impact of HS2.

Not taking themselves too seriously, they perform at the village fete, school events and parties for the love of singing.

But with their choirmaster leaving next month to focus on his family, they hope to draw in a new pair of ears to keep them running.

“We just need anyone who is willing to take us on,” she said. “We do not compete, we simply want to carry on enjoying doing what we love.”

The group meets each Monday night and anyone interested in helping can contact Judi on 02476 422977 or