Casualty cut free from overturned car on M40

Wweest Midlands Ambulance Service
Wweest Midlands Ambulance Service

A man was rescued via the boot after being trapped when his car flipped on its roof along the M40 on Wednesday.

The driver in his 40s was described as lucky to escape without serous injuries after his car left the highway and went up an embankment before landing on its roof.

The incident took place on the southbound carriageway between junctions 12 and 11 just before 2pm on May 20.

West Midlands Ambulance Service paramedics, fire crews and police were all called.

An ambulance service spokesman said: “Crews arrived to discover a car that had come to rest on its roof.

“The driver and sole occupant of the car was trapped in the vehicle and crews worked carefully with the fire service to free him through the boot.

“He was assessed and treated for minor injuries to his neck and back. He was immobilised as a precaution with the use of a neck collar and spinal board before being taken to Horton General Hospital in Oxfordshire.

“Considering how his car came to rest, the man is extremely lucky not to have suffered more significant injuries in the incident.”

Fire crews from Southam, Lemington and Banbury were called to cut the casualty free in a 45 minute rescue operation.

No-one else is thought to have been hurt in the incident.