Only one way to go for Station Road traders?

Pic of shops in Station Road, Kenilworth'MHLC-05-12-12 Station Road Dec25
Pic of shops in Station Road, Kenilworth'MHLC-05-12-12 Station Road Dec25

TRADERS along Station Road are fearing for their future after struggling to bring in custom and make ends meet.

And they are now calling on townspeople to support independent retailers and help save the shrinking town centre from the axe.

Kenilworth’s camera shop, could see its doors closed any time now after being unable to cope with falling custom.

And others said that lack of parking and vehicle access against the draw of national chains and supermarkets is all taking its toll.

Station Road was made one way back in 2005, and parking on the roadside is no longer an option for shoppers.

Vince Brereton, who has run Camerama on Station Road for the past 17 years, said as a result, the shop may not make it to Christmas.

“I’m not sure how much longer I can keep going the way things are,” he said.

“I am really struggling and it seems there is no support out there for local shops.

“Most of my customers are elderly and they can’t get here easily with the one way system and no parking.

“It’s got to the stage where I might turn up one day and that will be it. I am having to warn customers which is hardly inspiring confidence for them to come back.

“I need help from the community, there’s been a shop here for 32 years but it looks like this could be the end.”

He said Talisman Square improvements have failed to bring in shoppers and he fears he will not be around to benefit form the new car park there next year.

Steve Glover, manager of Picnic Basket next door, said since the introduction of the one way system he has seen a significant drop in passing trade with business falling by up to 40 percent.

“When Waitrose came in and the parking regulations, we were told there would be higher footfall here, but that just isn’t the case,” he said.

“The one way system seemed to coincide with the recession and it’s been tough.

“It’s hard to pinpoint just one reason but we are all suffering certainly.”

He said only 10 per cent of his business comes from passing trade in what was hoped would be the cornerstone for the business when the shop opened nine years ago.