New website for 200-year-old business which aims to be around for long time

Godfrey Payton
Godfrey Payton

A 200-year-old company, Godfrey Payton chartered surveyors in Warwick, is demonstrating it can move with the times by launching a new website

The firm’s roots can be dated as far back as 1806 when a man called Robert Evans moved to Warwickshire to act as an agent for a local landowner.

Robert’s astuteness and reputation for honest dealing brought him business from several other landowners and the origins of Godfrey Payton were established. This honesty and good reputation, alongside expertise and knowledge has ensured that the practice has grown and adapted through the centuries.

Senior partner Christopher Northcote-Green said: “Throughout our history we have been able to work to those key values first established by Robert Evans. Land and property management can be a complicated and highly involved process and I like to think that our clients trust us to act in their best interest and give them the help and advice they need.

“The business has grown over the years and we have three offices across the region, covering Warwickshire and the West Midlands. We specialise in rural, commercial and residential sectors and pride ourselves on keeping up to date with property and land issues, both nationally and on a more local scale. All this, alongside lots of hard work, are the reasons I believe we are still here today.”

Godfrey-Payton is determined that the practice will be around for a long time to come. Mr Northcote-Green added:“Our new website is designed to give easy access to the properties we sell and let and to the services we provide.”