Melanie’s veg box service still growing

Mel Yates
Mel Yates

This month a Leamington business woman celebrates ten years of delivering seasonal, organic food to homes across Warwickshire.

Riverford franchisee, Melanie Yates began her veg box business in 2005 with just 60 deliveries a week. Ten years on and her business has gone from strength to strength with more than 360 deliveries per week, totalling over 18,000 a year.

After a decade of deliveries, Melanie still loves what she does: “It’s so rewarding meeting like-minded customers who enjoy cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients, and want to serve healthy, delicious meals throughout the week.

“Food has become more and more important and people want to know what they’re eating and where it’s come from. We take the hassle out of that, providing organically and ethically produced fruit, veg, dairy, cheese and meat.”

Melanie puts her success down to the fact that many of her customers are regulars . Sue and Colin Hancock have been buying veg boxes for ten years. They said: “We keep coming back because what we eat is important to us. We know that our weekly organic veg and fruit boxes will be full of fresh and high quality ingredients.

Melanie has also started holding supper club events . To find out more email, or call 01926 338668.