‘Don’t take HS2 lying down’ warn town councillors

BLIGHTED homeowners have been urged not to be apathetic in the fight against HS2 before compensation sessions come to town.

Town councillors wrote to new secretary of state, Patrick McLoughlin to make their opposition to the government’s plans for the high speed rail track clear.

And they have urged everyone against the plans to follow suit to ensure the town is not seen as willing to take any unpopular developments thrown at it.

Councillor Andrew Mobbs (Con. Parkhill) said they are being piled with more and more negative news about impact on the town and that the “dripping tap” of impositions should not simply be accepted.

He told members: “We need to show that the Kenilworth people are not apathetic, everyone who is against this needs to show it to the government.

“We have to keep writing and making our voices heard before this gets any worse.”

HS2 Ltd will hold community compensation sessions in Burton Green Village Hall on Saturday November 17 from 9am to 5pm and at The Kenilworth Centre on Tuesday December 11 from midday to 8pm.

Councillors are urging everyone to attend and have their say to make sure answers are given.

Mayor, George Illingworth said there was huge worry and confusion surrounding the plans as government uncertainties continue - especially around Dale House Lane where it is still unsure how the government will cope with keeping the track out of the flood zone.

Cllr Felicity Bunker, deputy mayor, said it was a great worry that the engineers do not yet have the answers for residents.

Cllr Michale Coker warned that the track’s impact on residents would be greater here than anywhere else along the route from London to Birmingham and the “phenomenal” and “immediate” impact on the communities could be devastating.