Can Kenilworth grow its name in tea?

KENILWORTH is hoping to put itself on the map by promoting a quality type of tea which comes all the way from Sri Lanka but shares its name with the town.

Kenilworth Tea is a single blend of black tea grown on the other side of the world and which for years has been renowned as a prime quality tea by experts.

And it is now helping to put its namesake town on the map after being brought in to Kenilworth and marketed by a group of local people.

And as the product, marketed in their own unique way - is not available to buy online, people have to visit the town to get their hands on a cup.

The Kenilworth Plantation where the tea is grown was founded by Ralph P Rudd in the 1870s but almost nothing is known of his connections with the town.

Do you know anything about the plantation or Ralph P Rudd?

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