Burton Green resident whose house borders HS2 line reacts to green light given for project

Mike Lynch stands next to the white elephant above the garage at his Burton Green home
Mike Lynch stands next to the white elephant above the garage at his Burton Green home

News of the government's plans to move ahead with the high-speed 2 rail today (Tuesday February 11) came as no surprise to a long-time Burton Green resident.

The path of the high-speed rail has directly impacted the village of Burton Green to the north of Kenilworth. The village will effectively be cut in two by the high-speed line.

Mike Lynch, who has lived in Burton Green for more than 30 years, said: "I honestly believe that there is no justification for a high-speed railway line for a country as small as ours.

"I always felt that the government would proceed with HS2 because of the amount of money already committed to it. It's more expensive to cancel it than to carry on with it.

"I don't think there is anything we can do about it now. We have to accept it."

Burton Green will be bisected by HS2, and a ‘cut-and-cover’ green tunnel is set to be built through the village to try and minimise the visual impact and noise. It will also pass right through the village hall.

The village hall will be moving from its Hodgetts Lane location to another location in the village in Red Lane as part of HS2 works.

The high-speed rail will run within 165 metres of his back garden.

Mr Lynch has posted a white elephant above his garage, for what the transport works project represents in the community.

said: "It's going to happen now, and we just have to mitigate the disturbances. It's a complete tragedy that so many ancient woodlands will be destroyed. You can't replace an oak tree by planting a little sapling."

Mr Lynch has noticed the positives brought on by all the changes from the high-speed rail coming to the village.

He said: "We've been here since 1988. We love this village. We have a wonderful sense of community in our village.

"If there's one thing that's good about HS2 is that it's brought the community together. We've met people and become with friends with people that we might not have otherwise.

"It's given us all a common purpose. It's enhanced our sense of community."