Book in memory of Hatton Park girl will help children to face cancer

A beautifully illustrated book, that comes with its own toy lion, has just been published to encourage children having treatment for cancer to be as courageous as eight-year-old Molly Ollerenshaw.

The book, Olly the Brave and the Wigglys, was written in aid of the Molly Olly charity set up in memory of the litte girl from Hatton Park, Warwick, who died as a result of kidney cancer.

The frequent injections that Molly had over five years, and the subsequent loss of her hair, are all reflected in the book written by Diane Maybey at the request of Molly’s parents, Rachel and Tim Ollerenshaw.

Rachel explained: “Wigglys are what hospital staff call the central lines for intravenous injections into the wall of the chest.”

This book will be given to all children undergoing similar treatment to Molly who have to have a central, or Hickman line.”

Rachel said: “Our toy lion is called Olly and he has two wigglys in his chest plus a detachable mane. His story explains all the difficulties he has to overcome with his brothers and sisters and schoolfriends.

“Our real Molly had a brilliant brother and sister and schoolfriends and before she died it was one of her wishes to do an Oscar-style presentation at which she presented awards for the most sporting, friendliest, funniest and musical friend etc.”

Molly’s personal “Oscars” were handed out at Playbox Theatre, in The Dream Factory in Shelley Avenue, Warwick, before she died in 2011.

And so it was only natural that her family decided to return to the Playbox Theatre yesterday (Thurs) for the launch of the new book which, as well as being given to young hospital patients will also be sold to all those interested, in aid of the charity.

To find out more visit or ring Rachel on 07747 854914.