Big Daddy v Giant Haystacks..... at Eathorpe village hall

Big Daddy vs Giant Haystacks
Big Daddy vs Giant Haystacks

The world of TV wrestling will be brought to the stage when the characters of Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks grasp and struggle with each other.

Bringing back memories from the 1960s to the early 80s when wrestling was popular Saturday viewing, it’s billed as a play that “will have you falling off your seats” with laughter.

Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks were two of the larger-than-life characters on the wrestling circuit.

The production is staged by The Foundry Group and Komedia Entertainment.

A spokesman said: “This ambitious, touching, hilarious two-hander conjures up a whole nation during its most colourful era. It is the story of two brothers, Shirley Crabtree (aka Big Daddy) and his manager and brother, Max.”

It is at Eathorpe Village Hall, February 7, at 8pm. For tickets phone 01926 632575/632664 or email