Bid to raise £450,000 for restoration project at Warwick’s Guy’s Cliffe

Adrian King at the rear of Guy's Cliff house. NNL-170919-204548009

A mammoth fundraising appeal had been launched in the hopes of raising nearly £500,000 to restore one of Warwick’s most historical sites.

Adrian King, who is a custodian at Guy’s Cliffe, along with other volunteers, is aiming to restore and revive the outer grounds at Guy’s Cliffe, which has fallen into disrepair over the years.

The rear of Guy's Cliff House. NNL-170919-204126009

Guy’s Cliffe is a 5th century site off Coventry Road, which is owned by the Freemasons of Guys Cliffe. The site has a rich history from being home to Guy of Warwick to being a hospital in World War One.

The volunteer’s project aims to restore the two areas and open them up to visitors. The first area is known as The Lower Walks and the second area is an upper cliff area that has lost its walkway.

These areas have gone into disrepair after being damaged after World War Two and a fire in the 1990s.

In order to get restore the areas the volunteers are hoping to raise £450,000. To help raise money and raise awareness the volunteers have set up a GoFundMe page.

Adrian King in front of Guy's Cave. NNL-170919-204039009

Adrian, who has been involved at Guy’s Cliffe for around 15 years, said: “We set up the GoFundMe page very recently and we set it up because we want to try and bring back The Lower Walks and the upper cliff area called Fair Felice’s Walk.

“The two areas create a circuit and we want to reopen and reinstate this area.

“It is a very scenic aspect and the whole area is a very interesting historical aspect with features still yet to emerge from the debris that is on the grounds at the moment.

“It is possible that there is a water feature about to emerge and it is possible to bring that back. We could make that a sponsored feature, which could be sponsored by local companies or if they wanted to help restore it we could name it and so on.”

Adrian King at the rear of Guy's Cliff house. NNL-170919-204051009

Adrian is hopeful that with more volunteers to help with the project that the near half a million fundraising figure will decrease.

He said: “We have gone for a ball park figure and you can never have enough volunteers so the more the merrier. It would be great to get some young blood involved. It would be nice to be a good percentage into the project in two to three years time but that depends on how much people do and how much of the funds come in as we are dictated to by those two factors.”

There will be a volunteer gardening and clearing event at Guy’s Cliffe on October 22 at 11am. Anyone interested can just go along but it is advised people bring along gardening tools.

Those interested in volunteering can get in touch by emailing: or by going to the Facebook Page “Bring Back Guy’s Cliffe”.

The front of Guy's Cliff House. NNL-170919-204214009

There will also be a ghost hunt at Guy’s Cliffe on December 9, which is a fundraiser for the project. Anyone interested should also visit the Facebook Page.

To donateto the online fundraising page go to:

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