Appeal over thefts from Crackley Lane cars

Police are appealing forinformation
Police are appealing forinformation

Police are investigating after a spate of handbag thefts and car break-ins - with repeated warnings being made for valuables to be kept out of sight at all times.

A handbag was stolen from underneath the passenger seat of a car parked in Crackley Lane after offenders smashed the front window at around 6pm on March 22.

In a second incident, the back windows of a grey Volvo V70 was mashed when the car was parked in a layby along the road on March 24.

Sometime between 2.30pm and 3.10pm items were stolen from the back seat.

Police are also urging shoppers to stay safe after a reported purse snatch from the town centre.

A shopper was in the Headway Charity shop in Warwick Road at around midday when she put her purse into her handbag. She later discovered the purse was missing but old police she could not remember if her bag was open or zipped up when she noticed the purse was gone.

Residents are urged to keep all personal items secure and never to leave valuables in cars for any amount of time.

Any information on crimes to police on 101.