‘An honour’ to serve Kenilworth, says county councillor who will step down after 12 years

Cllr John Whitehouse when the Connect2 bridge was opened over Coventry Road in 2011.
Cllr John Whitehouse when the Connect2 bridge was opened over Coventry Road in 2011.

A Warwickshire county councillor has said it has been ‘an honour’ to represent part of Kenilworth for 12 years as he announced his intention to step down before the next election in May.

Cllr John Whitehouse, a Liberal Democrat, was first elected as county councillor for the Abbey ward in 2005.

At the next election, parts of his ward will be merged into an expanded St John’s, Park Hill, and a new ward called Lapworth and West Kenilworth as part of changes to ward boundaries.

Cllr Whitehouse said: “It’s been a great honour and privilege to serve the people of Kenilworth Abbey over the last nearly 12 years.

“It was always my intention to stand down in 2017, but I’m only sorry that this has had to coincide with the break-up of a county division with a proud tradition of representation by Liberal Democrat councillors.

“In my 12 years I believe I’ve achieved a lot, not just for my division but also Kenilworth as a whole, and the wider county as well.

“My proudest achievement has to be the building of the Kenilworth Greenway, which had to be pushed through against fierce opposition.

“Now it is seen by most people as a great asset, but which I and others have been fighting hard to protect from the damage which the building of HS2 could inflict on it.

“More recently, I was able to secure a £3 million investment in improving road safety near Warwickshire schools, and have been leading a cross-party task force implementing safety improvement schemes across the county, including the planned 20 mph zone in Leyes Lane.

“I shall stand down with regrets, of course, but over the years I’ve seen too many councillors clinging on well past their sell by dates. It’s time for new faces and fresh blood on the county council.”