13-year-old knifepoint robbery in Leamington finally solved

The scales of justice
The scales of justice

A Leamington robber who held up an off-licence worker at knifepoint 13 years ago in the town has finally been convicted.

Shaun Miller, 40, of no fixed address, was only caught after fingerprint evidence only recently emerged following his capture after he absconded from prison.

The court heard the robbery took place at Thresher’s off-licence in Regent Street, Leamington, as long ago as August 2003.

Miller robbed a member of staff at knifepoint and escaped with a quantity of cash.

Asking for a pre-sentence report, his barrister Richard Thompson said: “This case is a little unusual, in that it dates back 13 years.”

He explained that in November 2008 Miller had been jailed for seven years for two robberies which he said also dated back to 2003.

“By 2011 he was in an open prison, but absconded and was not apprehended until January this year, when he was returned to custody to serve the balance of the seven-year sentence.

“Then around 14 weeks into that period, he received a visit from the police who put this allegation to him on the basis that fingerprint evidence had only then come to light.”

Judge Andrew Lockhart QC commented: “A judge now may want to put himself in the position of the judge in 2008, dealing with a spate of robberies committed in 2003.”

Mr Thompson suggested that if Miller had been dealt with for the Thresher’s robbery at the same time as the two for which he was sentenced, he would have got ‘a bit longer’ – which he had effectively served since being recalled to prison.

He added: “My submission will be that the court should now draw a line under his offending because he has been out of trouble now for a number of years.”

Judge Lockhart agreed to adjourn the case for a report to be prepared on Miller, and for details of the other robberies to be obtained. Miller was remanded in custody.