Console Corner: Upping headset game made me a better player

The Atlas Three headset by Turtle Beach
The Atlas Three headset by Turtle Beach
  • Rating: 4/5

For years I’ve suffered.

Suffered the maddening frustration of being crept up on, the indignation of my microphone breaking up causing my squad to lose and even the wrath of my wife for shouting in a desperate effort to be heard only to succeed in waking the kids up.

This peripheral cynic has been well and truly put back in his box and I’m an infinitely better player for it.

Damien Lucas, gaming columnist

I tried everything. The useless single ear basic PS4 headset, Apple headphones, a luxury Bose headset, my premium AKG for Samsung in-ear headphones and most recently a set of Beats.

The different issues ranged from the ridiculous to the downright unacceptable.

Whether it was the headphones not offering high enough quality sound to one ear working but not the other,the mic working but not the sound and with the Beats having to constantly plug and unplug in a bid to get the mic to work at all.

I spend most of my time playing first person shooters and I’ve been kicked out clans and all sorts over the years. So many people had told me to invest in a proper gaming headset but I was cynical, questioning how could they be any different, after all it’s just a set of headphones and a mic right?

Then I got my hands on the Atlas Three headset by Turtle Beach and it changed everything.

The Atlas Three are designed for PC gaming but also work on PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

They require charging but you get a good 35-40 hours from a full charge and the difference in performance, both of the headset AND me was noticeable and instant.

The Atlas Three are ridiculously comfortable with the added bonus of being glasses friendly which went down very well with my 11-year-old.

They deliver a truly powerful amplified surround sound and as important for me crystal-clear chat with the excellent flip-down mic (flip it up to mute, brilliant). Memory foam ear cushions mean you don’t feel like your lugholes have been clamped in a vice after long sessions.

This particular headset’s crowning achievement, though, is the Mic Monitoring which enables you to hear and adjust the volume of your voice inside the headset to avoid shouting.

There are also three audio presets including Vocal Boost.

As a keen Black Ops 4 Blackout gamer sound and clarity is everything if you want to consistently reach the latter stages. Before I would struggle to make the Top 15 with any regularity, so often being crept up on and not being able to hear until it was too late.

In two weeks since using Atlas Three I am averaging 6th placed finishes and won my first ever Blackout. This peripheral cynic has been well and truly put back in his box and I’m an infinitely better player for it.

The build quality perhaps doesn’t match premium over-ear music headphones but in terms of gaming performance there is no comparison.