Console Corner: Deus Ex Mankind Divided review

There are so many options to negotiate each scenario
There are so many options to negotiate each scenario

Deus Ex has you spoilt for choice.

Mankind Divided and so am I when it comes to reviewing the latest Deus Ex game after its launch last week.

There are so many options to negotiate each scenario

There are so many options to negotiate each scenario

There is so much to rave about in DEMD and I’m still enjoying it now over a week into the game.

But there are a number of elements which do not quite sit right with me.

Let’s start with the positives, though, and there are plenty of them.

There is layer upon layer in this game all expertly crafted together and beautifully designed.

The gameplay stands up to the high standards set by previous Deus Ex games and goes beyond them in many respects.

This is a game that will suit all types of gamers too.

Looking for a quick blast for an hour, you can jump on and get enough done to enjoy the experience, looking for longer, more involved sessions on your console then the gameplay rewards your patience, curiosity and creativity.

You play augmented human Jensen who is essentially the most deadly Power Ranger on the planet. I mean this guy has everything and would even give 
Superman a run for his money.

And this is where my first problem lies with DEMD.

Sometimes, dare I say it, there are so many options available to you, so many ways to deal with scenarios and enemies and so much in your arsenal, it actually feels a bit ... easy.

‘Ramp up the difficulty setting!’ I hear you cry.

Well yes there’s that but my point is no matter what level you are playing at, Jensen just has too much at his disposal for his enemies to trouble him.

But don’t get me wrong it’s still great fun entering a room littered with foes and walking out past a pile of them without breaking a sweat.

Another thing that doesn’t quite land for me is the Apartheid type references between the humans (naturals) and the augmented race. It is a poor attempt to give the storyline resonance with real life - for example there are posters dotted around saying things like ‘Augmented Lives Matter’ and it just feels a little frivolous.

I’m being hyper critical, though, and Deus Ex will go down as one of the games of the year of that there is no doubt.

Rating: 8.5/10