Kenilworth Nostalgia: 50 thugs wrecked Young Farmers’ barbecue

Nostalgia pictures by Barry Stephenson
Nostalgia pictures by Barry Stephenson

We delved into our archived to find this report from the KWN 50 years ago this week in which a gang of hooligans tired to collapse a marque on dancers.

Kenilworth barbecue wrecked by hooligans: Part of a ban-the-hooligans drive by Kenilworth Young Farmers’ Club is a blacklist of local ringleaders.

Chairman Peter Harrison said: “We know who the troublemakers are and they will be either banned from entering or warned about their behaviour at any event we run in the future. At the first sign of any trouble the police will be notified.”

The move towards stricter security follows the wrecking of a barbecue run by the club at Chase Lane, Kenilworth.

Led by four ringleaders, the 50 young hooligans fought among themselves and tried to set about club leader Mr David Edge; threw beer bottles and glasses around the field; switched off the electricity generator, plunging more than a hundred people dancing in the marquee into darkness; climbed up the outside of the marquee and then tried to collapse the big tent onto the people inside.