Kenilworth Castle marks 10-year anniversary of recreated Elizabethan Gardens with 19 days of activities

Kenilworth Castle has marked the 10-year anniversary of its recreated Elizabethan gardens with 19 days of festivities, which includes a pageant weekend.

Tuesday, 9th July 2019, 4:55 pm
People can expect to find Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley in full costume dress during the pageant weekend event held at the Elizabethan Gardens of Kenilworth Castle

As part of the anniversary celebrations the gardens have been restored by a £70k project in time for the anniversary of the famous 19-day visit to the castle by Queen Elizabeth 1 in July 1575.

To mark the anniversary of the famous 19-day visit the castle has planned 19 days of activities starting from today (July 9), which include a weekend long Elizabethan pageant on July 13 and 14.

For tickets to the Elizabethan pageant weekend, which is from 10am to 5pm both Saturday and Sunday, go to the following link on the English Heritage website.

The weekend-long pageant will include a falconry display, Elizabethan music, and a jester will provide some comical entertainment. The weekend also includes a medieval camp with Tudor tradespeople with lots of hands-on activities for children.

People can also expect to find people in period costume dress of Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley at the gardens during the pageant weekend.

The other activities available during the 19 days outside the pageant weekend, include daily garden tours, garden games such as Croquet and Tudor bowls.

On Thursday July 18 people can take in a garden tour with Jeremy Ashbee, the head properties curator at English Heritage.

On Friday July 19 people can enjoy a garden tour with senior landscape advisor at English heritage, Michael Klemperer.

The one-acre walled garden was created by Robert Dudley as a love letter to Queen Elizabeth I.

The gardens were completely lost during and after the Civil War and over time were managed by various tenants and organisations.

English Heritage took custodianship of the castle in 1984 and in 2009 recreated the gardens.

The restoration work, which has taken 6 months, includes: relaying paths, repainting woodwork, replanting, and a new garden irrigation system.

As well as additions such as a Tudor bowling green outside the garden and a reconstructed oak garden gate.

There is now also a new children’s trail, Tudor garden games to keep families entertained and a new oak step to enable children to view the beautiful collection of birds in the aviary.

Liz Page, the territory director for the west at English Heritage, said: “The new oak gate completes an element of the garden reconstruction and the addition of a children’s trail and Tudor games will encourage families to have a ‘hands-on’ experience with Kenilworth’s history.

"The reconstructed gardens provide a unique opportunity to experience the sumptuous beauty of Elizabethan art and culture, a visit this summer is an ideal opportunity to see them looking at their most magnificent.”