Coronavirus in UK live blog: latest as UK ministers expected to back three-week lockdown extension

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Thursday, 16th April 2020, 8:05 am
Updated Thursday, 16th April 2020, 8:06 am

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A sign in a bus shelter shows support for the NHS in Penarth, Wales (Photo: Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Coronavirus live blog, April 16

Last updated: Thursday, 16 April, 2020, 17:53

Scottish poet laureate pays tribute to NHS workers

WHO Director Genral praises Captain Tom Moore

5,000 volunteers for treatment trial

Professor Chris Whitty has provided an update on recruitment for the government's treatment Recovery trial. 

He said: "So far, more than 5,000 people have been recruited to the RECOVERY trial, researching COVID-19 treatments. Thank you to all those who have volunteered, it will make a major difference to the treatment of future patients. "

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to speak at 5pm

Dominic Raab is to hold today's daily press briefing at 5pm. 

It is expected that the First Secretary of State, who is currently deputising for the Prime Minister, will extend the country's lockdown measures.

He will be joined by chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty and chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance.

Lockdown extended for three weeks

Dominic Raab is to holding today's daily press briefing. 

He says that we don't have the rate of infection low enough. 

He says the lifting of lockdown now would risk a second peak. 

"Early relaxation would do greater damage to the economy over a longer period". 

He says the current measures must remain in place for "at least the next three weeks". 

He says we need to see a sustained fall in deaths and greater evidence that the rate of infection is falling. 

He says there also needs to be better access to PPE. 

He reiterates that we can not risk a second peak. 

He is now saying that over time the government could loosen restrictions in some respect but strengthen them in others. 

He says it would be wrong to predict how this will look in the next few weeks. 

Raab: 'Light at the end of the tunnel'

He says that he understands the difficulties of lockdown. 

He says: "we get it it, we know it's tough going at this time." This struggle makes the government focus harder. 

He adds we've sacrificed too much to ease up now. 

He says there is light at he end of the tunnel, but we are at a delicate and dangerous stage of the pandemic. 

Sir Patrick Vallance is speaking now. 

He says that it is highly likely that 'r' is below 1, meaning on average an infected person will be infecting less than one other person on average. 

He says that in some areas we are seeing the number of people in hospital beds decreasing, or at least flattening. 

He add at the moment "we're in a good space" but any changes could lead to the 'r' going above one and lead to the growth of cases. 

Sir Patrick says that the deaths will remain at a plateau for a while yet.

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