Former Kenilworth School student made 3D model of new school for A-level project

A former Kenilworth School student who made a 3D model of his vision of the new school building is hoping to become an architect.

Tuesday, 8th October 2019, 6:41 am

Attila Csutoras, who is now studying architecture at Coventry University, made the creation for his A-level in product design, having been inspired by the plans for the new school during his sixth form.

He began work on the model after Arup, which is project managing the new build, asked for suggestions for the new site.

Attila said: “As it was around the time when I realised I had an interest in architecture, I wanted to base my project around it to see if I would enjoy it and perhaps continue studying it at university.

Former Kenilworth School student, architect Attila Csutoras and head teacher Hayden Abbott admire the 3D model Attila created of his vision of the new school site as art of his product design A level.

“The brief was to design the outside areas of the new school site.

"The layout was based on early plans provided in an interview with a member of staff. I had to have something physical that showed off as many manufacturing and general skill as possible as a large amount of marks were given for it. This is why I also designed and modelled a bench with an adjustable length.”

Kenilworth School recently acquired the land for the new school to be built. The KWN published a feature about the acquisition.

Head teacher Hayden Abbott said: “I’m delighted that one of our students has taken the initiative to develop his understanding of architecture and design by basing his project on his vision of our new school building.

"He used his own creativity to add extra features and it is very pleasing that this exercise has motivated him to pursue a career in architecture.”

Attila added: “Parts of my model were quite unrealistic and inconsiderate of budgeting issues. However, I think the bench design was quite functional and economical which could have been considered by them.”