Warwick store set to close after decades in the town

Warwick Wools.
Warwick Wools.

A shop that has been part of Warwick’s town centre for decades will be closing down next month.

Nicky Ruddle, who runs Warwick Wools in Market Place, has been forced to make the difficult decision to close down her shop

The wool shop has been in the town for decades and Nicky has run the store for 14 years.

She said that a number of factors have led to her making the difficult decision to shut up shop.

“This has been a really difficult decision to make and one that I have been considering for a while – it was not a hasty decision,” said Nicky.

“It’s been a long and painful decision because no one wants to admit defeat.

“Many factors have contributed to the decision.

“As you will already be fully aware high street businesses continue to struggle and we are deeply sad that we are yet another victim of this struggle.

“Footfall in Warwick has dramatically reduced over a period of time for a number of reasons.

“We’ve seen – as a town – the loss of the crown court, the police station, the closure of a number of banks, an increase in parking fees, changes to the bus timetables, a greatly reduced library and many council workers have been located away from Warwick.

“On top of all this we have also seen a greater reliance on online shopping.

“There are still difficulties ahead for the town including the disruptions whilst the introduction of proposed new road layout is implemented, more council staff relocations and the closure of

Linen Street multi-storey car park, all of which will again increases the pressure on all the local businesses.

“Also, running costs have increased, including bank charges and also the cost for accepting debit and credit cards along with the rental of the card reader.

“I can’t see the footfall increasing, I only see it going down further and closing is not what you really want to do but there comes a point where you have to stop.”

Nicky has said that she is heartbroken by the decision that she has had to make.

“I have been here at the shop for 14 years and the wool shop itself has been here for a long time and it is absolutely heartbreaking and I am still coming to terms with it.

“Being self-employed really isn’t easy but it’s not just myself this impacts on its also my colleagues who are long serving, very knowledgeable and loyal staff, which makes this even more difficult.

“We would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all our loyal customers that have supported us for so long.

“If it hadn’t been for the support of our loyal customers we wouldn’t have made it through so long.

“We continue to be grateful for this support and the kindness we have received at this difficult time.”

Warwick Wools in Market Place is set to close in mid March.