Poor train services from Kenilworth Station challenged

Kenilworth Station
Kenilworth Station

A Kenilworth town councillor has contacted West Midlands Railway to challenge them about the poor services at the Kenilworth Train Station.

Kenilworth Town Cllr Richard Dickson said he's trying to get a formal explanation from West Midlands Railway.

Kenilworth Station

Kenilworth Station

Cllr Dickson added: "This matter will be discussed at the January Kenilworth Town Council meeting because it's 'completely unacceptable' for local residents, visitors or tourists.

"This isn't however a criticism of the staff at the station who provide a friendly and welcoming service for passengers. The problem is with WMR."

The reliability issues come just six or seven months after services were expanded earlier this year in May.

After 53 years without a train station in town the new station opened last year for services on April 30, 2018.

Richard Brooks, customer experience director for West Midlands Railway, said: “We are sorry that passengers using Kenilworth Station have not enjoyed the best possible journeys in recent months.

“The timetable we introduced in May 2019 brought many benefits to passengers but also introduced a layer of complexity which has meant the impact of disruption is felt more widely.

“To improve matters we recently introduced a new timetable to help improve reliability, with further changes planned for 2020. We are also taking steps to recruit more train crew and improve our rostering process to help lessen the number of delays or cancellations caused by staffing issues.”

Fraser Pithie, a Kenilworth resident who is a writer for The Railway Magazine, has also written to the UK Office of Rail and Road who is responsible for the economic and safety regulation of Britain's railways, about the poor services for the Kenilworth Train Station.

Fraser said: "I basically told them West Midlands trains are breaking the terms of the contract of the franchise.

"What concerns me is we spent £13.6m on a new station for Kenilworth and West Midlands trains has seriously undermined it. It's also undermined an indepentely run booking office. He relies people buying tickets and using the train. If the train service is unreliable people will stop using it."

"There has been no end to the cancellations over the past two weeks and longer.

A train this morning (Monday December 23) was due to stop in Kenilworth kept going. Rather than just cancelling the train the train came through Kenilworth Station slowed down and never stopped because there was no guard on the train. Obviously this morning it ran short staffed.

"The platform was full of people waiting to get on, some of whom were going onto to Scotland from Coventry."