Leamington summer festival brings art to all

Off To The Gardens by Kim and Paul Ingvar. Picture by Kim O'Hare.

Off To The Gardens by Kim and Paul Ingvar. Picture by Kim O'Hare.

An eclectic selection of painting, photography, sculpture, crafts, live music, dance, theatre and workshops will form part of Leamington’s first live art festival this summer.

Art In The Park, sponsored by the Leamington Studio Artists (LSA) and Warwick District Council, will for two days give people free access to a wide range of art exhibitions and experiences in Jephson Gardens.

Among the many artists taking part will be sculptor Graham Jones, whose popular tree carvings in the park have now become a welcome point of interest. During the festival, people will be able to watch him create a new chainsaw sculpture.

Kim and Paul Ingvar of KPI Images will present some fascinating digital works that feature surreal images of Leamington’s key landmarks - including this one of elephants by the elephant wash in Jephson Gardens.

The festival will also include a free performance of Macbeth by the Leamington-based Heartbreak Productions, a live mural-painting by the Kenilworth-based BRINK, a children’s balloon art card competition and pot firing workshops.

Long-standing LSA member, Mo Finnessey, who came up with the idea for the event, said: “The idea came to me after seeing Art in Action in Oxford. It was so exciting to see so many artists doing live demonstrations and I thought how wonderful it would be if LSA could hold an event like that in Jephson Gardens.

“There is such an active and vibrant local arts community and it has always been my dream to organise an event where artists can promote their art or craft and engage directly with the public.”

The festival takes place on August 2 and 3. Anyone wishing to take part or volunteer on either day should contact Carole Sleight on 07768 617081 or email carole@artinpark.co.uk


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