Will they finish what they’ve started?

The KWN of November 2 had a front page piece about Talisman Square and the apparent current proposal by Cobalt Estates/ Discovery Properties to apply for a permanent, rather than temporary car park, despite the shops remaining the ‘long term goal’.

Having just looked at the talismankenilworth website I finally understand why the paviers, laid a couple of years ago, covered the area they did and the shops on the north side of the square were demolished, as the plan shows the proposed replacements extending forward to a line with the front of the enlarged Boots. I also understand why the word ‘Square’ has been dropped!

Although I still oppose the proposed car park on the basis that the centre of Kenilworth is already an enormous one, I can see that if the developers are truly committed to complete their development when the economic climate changes, and the proposed parking is specifically for the use of the present shop owners (who will presumably pay for the privilege) it may at least benefit the existing businesses until the project is finished.

It does seem ironic now that the hoarding announcing “More Shopping!” should for some time more honestly have been proclaiming “More Parking!” and with exciting potential for an alternative mural to that of the happy shoppers.

As the part of the project that was completed in 2010 seems to me as a layman to have been successful commercially, I still believe it possible that had it not halted when it did, it would have proved to be so, totally, and we would not be facing this question now, leaving me wondering whether, unlike Magnus Magnusson, Discovery do always finish what they have begun?

It appears from the paper that Kenilworth Town Council has already agreed to the car park, although it is not not specific about conditions, other than a bi-annual re-approval. If this is the case, it would be good to know on what basis this has occurred. - Keith Deane, via email