Concerns over HS2 security threats

Greenguage21, the environmental group, argue that the regions, including Coventry, will benefit from the proposed High Speed Rail project, because it will, they say; “boost our economic competitiveness, shrink the North-South divide (and) deliver the additional long-term transport capacity (needed) as our existing road and rail networks fill up”.

With respect, I still fail to see how a line bypassing Coventry will directly benefit the city. It will certainly do great damage to nearby Burton Green.

Moreover, I have now met HS2 representatives on many occasions. They are invariably intelligent and courteous, but discussions remain terribly vague. My concern remains that this enormously expensive and potentially destructive project is being rushed through without proper consideration of, in particular, any threat of terrorism.

I could not stay to the end of the latest meeting, but the minutes have a reference that; “Ministry of Transport train security would be the same as airport security”

If that means that every passenger would be checked individually before boarding, that surely lessens, if not removes, the time saving that this project is supposed to bring in the first place. I shall raise this in the next full city council meeting. - Cllr. David Skinner, Westwood Ward, Coventry City Council.