Billions of precious funds being blown

I’ve been to a number of HS2 related meetings recently, and I’m rather tired of listening to the HS2 representatives providing very little useful information.

Residential communities, especially those in Burton Green and Kenilworth will be severely affected by this project. As one couple said to me recently: “We’ve been here 44 years. OK, we are being offered funding to move, but we don’t want to. This is our home”.

HS2 have now confirmed that Coventry rail services will be reduced and I’m watching the insanity of precious public funds being used for consultation and mitigation issues, yet the exact final route has not yet been established. What little being said by HS2 in public meetings is different to that being said in the more private community forums.

I have written confirmation from HS2 that they are considering possible bore tunnel proposals (for sections of the line from Kenilworth to Berkswell), and that if such proposals are adopted, this may result in a realignment of the proposed route, possibly towards Coventry, but this would be small. How small I wonder? I feel the public is being misled into believing the route, at this stage, is decided. The key word on all the HS2 maps available for public scrutiny is ‘draft’.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not against the principle of high speed rail, but I believe rail-users desire fast efficient UK local and national services and this ‘EU influenced’ project is not the answer to our rail transport needs.

Mr Cameron and co. Please do the sensible thing. Even at this stage abandon this project or consider an alternative. The UK can’t afford it and precious public funds need to be available for those in need who rely on underfunded essential public services. Don’t ‘blow billions’ purely for the rail travelling business elite. Better still, move aside and let UKIP resolve this transport issue. - Mark Taylor, Member of UKIP Transport Committee and Chair of Coventry UKIP.