A councillor who takes his job seriously

After a weekend of heavy rain and the road at Forge Road Kenilworth flooded with fears of it entering houses, these were my experiences on all parties concerned.

1. Police: ‘We only deal with 

2. Fire service: ‘We only attend serious incidents’.

3. County council: No-one 
available and all sandbags used.

4. District council: No-one 
available for flooding.

5. Environment Agency: Eventually came out at 1 o’clock.

6. Severn Trent: ‘We only deal with sewers’.

7: MP: Left a message. No reply came back.

8. In desperation I rang Cllr Michael Doody - nothing to do with Kenilworth but leader of the district council and although he had urgent problems in his constituency he promised me help. Within an hour or so, men turned up at our address with sandbags.

Credit where it is due so thanks Cllr Doody and can I ask you please to enquire as to all our other services as to their procedure when dealing with emergencies. It wasn’t as if they didn’t have warnings when it rained almost non-stop on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and flood warnings were given out, 
particularly in this area.

But to Cllr Doody personally, thanks for being available and dealing with a serious problem. Here is a councillor who obviously takes his job seriously unlike many who enjoy being where a photographer is and attending anywhere where there is food and drink.

I have over many years been asked to become a candidate for the council and my answer has always been the same. Do it for the honour of representing your chosen constituency and not for the rewards that the position gives. - David Bradshaw, Kenilworth.