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September 2, 2016: Some of this week’s letters

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Parenting styles discussed

Tiger, free-range – the pros and cons of popular parenting styles

What’s the best way to raise your child? It’s a question that has provoked the publication of numerous books, and seen authors race to coin the next quirky name for a new style of parenting.

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The Kenilworth Centre

The Kenilworth Centre: John Whitehouse’s open letter to council leader

Following Kenilworth Town Council’s decision to stop giving the Kenilworth Centre £30,000 a year, chair of trustees at the centre John Whitehouse has written an open letter to town council leader Cllr John Cooke, aiming to address ‘factual inaccuracies’ at the meeting.


Thanks for a job well done

We walk from Castle Sports Centre car park and this day we walked towards the castle along the stream and saw that a section of the fence was down.

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Reassurances needed over station work

The recent cancellation/postponement of a number of Network Rail projects, particularly the electrification of the Midland Main Line and the Trans Pennine route, is a serious blow to the five year plan to ‘modernise’ the railway network.

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Why were reports suppressed?

At the risk of prompting yet another long letter from Alan Marshall, readers of the KWN should be aware of two reports about HS2 which were published last month on the same day that the government announced cutbacks and delays in Network Rail’s modernisation programme.

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Why is Tollbar work taking so long?

In the first half of the 19th century, the Dutch built a mountain road in the East Indies. It was 600 miles long and took 12 months to complete.

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Looking for copy of old magazine

In the Leamington Spa Courier dated December 28 1945 the first number of an entirely new magazine, ‘The Harvester’ was on sale. It was a ‘record of Warwickshire’s war-time food production effort and a tribute to the school and volunteer agricultural camps, 1940-1945’. It was printed on art paper and profusely illustrated with most of the pictures being supplied by the Courier Press. It was being sold for a shilling.

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Public response was amazing

As a candidate in last week’s General Election in the Kenilworth and Southam constituency I would like to thank all those involved in my campaign, it was a great experience for me.

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I intend to follow spirit of dedication

I am excited and honoured to have been elected your representative for Milverton ward. I am aware I am replacing well loved and very active councillors, and as I start my work on both town and district council, I intend to follow their spirit of dedication and service to our ward.

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Belief reinforced by standing

May I, through the Courier/Weekly News, thank the 1,000-plus people who voted for me as Independent candidate for the Stoneleigh and Cubbington Ward in the Warwick District Council Election.

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Journey is a lot more pleasant

I would like to thank the Friends of Black Lane for their brilliant effort in cleaning

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Vote shows true feelings on HS2

Following last Thursday at last we have a decisive indication of what Kenilworth really thinks.

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Schools should be open and inclusive

I was somewhat bemused to read TK Jerome (Courier last week) equating Humanism with Marxism. I imagine that the Conservative members of the 100-plus Parliamentary Cross Party Humanist Group would also be somewhat surprised.

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I fear for my safety at night

I’m aware that I’m probably flogging a dead horse, but I am extremely concerned about the sheer lack of lighting on the streets of Leamington past 11pm. I currently work until the early hours of the morning and have to walk back each morning when my shift is over (around 3 or 4am). The lighting is okay until I reach Forfield Place and Russell Terrace.

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I declare the count a shambles

I’m proud to tell people I’m from Warwick and Leamington. Most people I know feel the same. However, last Friday morning I was embarrassed. Embarrassed because Warwick District Council was the 649th out of 650 constituencies to declare its General Election result. Sixteen hours! You can perhaps understand the reasons for the delay in St Ives (which came 650th) because they have to fly ballot boxes in from the Isles of Scilly. What’s the excuse in Warwick and Leamington?

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Thanks for your generous support

May we thank everyone who donated so very generously to our four day collection at the Royal Priors over the Bank Holiday weekend when £3,091.35 was raised for the Nepal Earthquake Appeal. May we also thank the staff at the Royal Priors for allowing us to collect at very short notice and for making our team of collectors so welcome.

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Truly world-class hospital care

Today I came home after two days in Warwick Hospital having had a hip replacement operation. What an excellent experience.

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Not everyone agrees on fair

I am pleased that police Sgt David Kettle thinks that the recent horse fair was a success (KWN last week). Would he please like to come over and explain to my 10-year old-daughter what a success it was after one of her pedigree Southdown lambs went missing?

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If in doubt, leave it out

We have seen the major disruption caused by constructing a roundabout by Warwick University. So imagine what effect HS2 construction would have with heavy lorries, mechanical diggers and lots of dust, day and night?

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