War walk to tell tales of soldiers’ lives

Thousands of poppies are to be planted in Aylesbury
Thousands of poppies are to be planted in Aylesbury

War heroes will be remembered in a personalised walk of their streets as Kenilworth looks to honour the lives lost during the First World War.

Cllr Richard Davies is part of the group planning the history walk from the War Memorial alongside town events to commemorate 100 years since the outbreak of the war.

As well as explaining the history and impact of the conflict locally, the walk will take in areas including St Barnabus church and Henry Street.

Cllr Davies explained that in 1914, every unmarried man in the street signed up to fight. And the year later, these numbers increased to include all husbands and older soldiers.

“We want this walk to tell the story of what happened to these people as we now have copies of war records and pictures to draw from,” he said.

“Town historians have been gathering this information and we see it as being a very important part of the commemoration efforts.”

They also hope to produce a map drawn explaining the importance of key sites and documenting lives lost.