VIDEO: Heavy rain floods ford crossing

Storms and heavy rain over the weekend meant more flooding along Castle Road as the ford water rose.

The ford was still passable on Friday afternoon despite rising water leaving many drivers passing with caution.

Flooding at Kenilworth ford

Flooding at Kenilworth ford

But ongoing heavy rain often cuts off the road completely or leaves vehicles stranded after drivers venture in too far and find themselves in deep water.

Plans are currently in place by Warwick District Council to instal automatic warning signs to prevent commuters taking the route when the water level becomes dangerously high.

Currently, drivers must assess the situation once they come to the ford, in what often leaves traffic backed up right the way through the town centre.

The £70,000 scheme is out for consultation and already has the approval of Kenilworth Town Council, but some residents have criticised the move as the ‘end of an era’ of nostalgia each time the road floods.

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