Town’s future is in your hands

HAVE your say on what Kenilworth will look like over the next 18 years when a survey is launched to get ideas from the whole own.

Kenilworth’s eager Town Councillors will be listening to views throughout January and February to make sure they know exactly what people want before the final of the Town Plan is submitted to the district council.

The Town Plan relates to issues including building restrictions, policy and development on Kenilworth’s land and will help shape the wider Local Plan which is set by Warwick District Council to control and influence district-wide development.

The consultation for the district plan begins in March and so it is important that the town’s views are made clear by that time.

Councillor Michael Coker (Con. Abbey ward) said it was vital that everyone gets involved and has a say over the next two months.

“We want to ensure this local plan is used to preserve and improve our community and its facilities,” he said.

“It is vital to ensure that we do not lose or damage the unique character of our town.

“So we want everyone to have their say on what will be the most important decision for our community over the next decade, and hope that as many as possible respond.”

All households will receive a questionnaire asking for feedback on proposals and inviting them to have a say, along with details of ideas already made for the town.

To submit views and ideas, log onto or pick up paper forms from Kenilworth Library or the council offices at Jubilee House.

The town council will also hold at least four Saturday morning surgeries at Jubilee House for people to discuss the plans with councillors and give their views.

Council clerk Geoff Symes, explained that all responses would be collated electronically to ensure that every single one is counted and that the more they receive back the better idea they will have of what the town wants.