Town digs deep for world’s hungry

Hanslope Church Open Day 2006
Hanslope Church Open Day 2006

Kenilworth’s caring parishioners are digging deep to feel the hungry instead of giving up their treats during Lent.

The campaign by Catholic aid agency, CAFOD, asks people to replace the tradition of giving something up before Easter, but instead give to others in hope of feeding some of the 
hungriest people around the world. It is hoped the ‘dig deep’ campaign will raise thousands of pounds which will be sent to countries including Sierra Leone to make a difference.

Residents are collecting in churches each week in hope of beating last year’s £1,424.

Town charity manager Helen Moseley said: “Until we know that children around the world can go to bed with food in their bellies we will do all we can to support them.

“People from Kenilworth are making a difference and we thank them for their support.”