Towels led to laundrette fire

Two fire engines attended the incident
Two fire engines attended the incident

Self-heating towels washed at just 30 or 40 degrees were behind a fire at Albion Cleaners, an inquiry has found.

The investigation by the fire service and Warwick District Council was launched after the blaze broke out at the cleaners on February 22.

It found that self-heating spa towels were washed and placed on a bench ready for collection. But that hours later, chemicals inside the material caused the towels to combust, starting the flames.

The report found that the towels had not been washed at a high enough temperature, nor properly aired to remove the self-heating chemicals.

And Commander Ian Tonner said similar incidents are becoming more common as people try to save money.

“This is a false economy as the cost to rebuild the business after a fire is far greater than that of a higher temperature wash cycle,” he said.