Slow down set for Kenilworth roads

20mph speed limits in Worthing ENGSUS00120140127145959
20mph speed limits in Worthing ENGSUS00120140127145959

Things are expected to slow right down along Rouncil Lane as new speed limits are proposed by Warwickshire County Council.

Following a review of the area, officers have recommended that the current 60mph limit on Rouncil Lane and Woodcote Lane be reduced to 50mph.

Also, that the existing 30mph limit be extended along Woodcote Lane from the junction with Walker Close up to the village gateway.

Kenilworth Town Council has been asked for feedback on the plans and will discuss the matter at their next planning meeting on Tuesday.

Their feedback will then be sent to the county for consideration before a decision is made.

The proposed changes are part of a review of all limits on rural roads to improve conditions for residents and vulnerable pedestrians.