School admissions issue to come to table

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Pressure group members are hailing the success of ‘forcing Warwickshire County Council’s hand’ in rethinking the way primary school admission applications are prioritised in Warwick.

The authority is consulting on proposals for a new school super priority area in the town from September 2015.

The move is designed to ensure that all young siblings can attend the same school as each other, and comes in light of an increasing number of four-year-olds within the county being separated from an older brother or sister in recent years.

Hayley Hindle, of the Siblings at the Same School group, said: “It is welcome news that Warwickshire have finally recognised the need for a more inclusive school admission system for our community.

“While it’s potentially great news for Warwick however, super priority areas are needed urgently throughout the county for 2015 entry and in particular in North Leamington where there is already real pressure on certain schools.

“It is deeply frustrating that this proposal is not being rolled out to the whole of Warwickshire at the same time when there is such a clear need.’

Cllr Heather Timms, responsible for policy on children and schools, said the move to merge school priority areas in Warwickshire towns is a “significant step”.

She added: “Above all we want to ensure that the admissions system is fair, open and transparent.”

More than 100 primary schools are in localities which might be suitable for super priority areas.

Leamington and other urban areas could have similar changes in 2017 as part of a proposed roll.

The eight-week consultation for Warwick closes on March 1 with the council’s decision expected on April 10.

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