Sat Nav sending drivers to a street with no name

Navigating the roads
Navigating the roads

A new street could finally be officially recognised in Kenilworth after months of frustration from drivers being sent the wrong way in satellite navigation confusion.

Plans have been ongoing throughout the summer to give the route between Abbey End public toilets and Station Road an official name.

Town councillors hope the move will finally stop drivers being wrongly sent down Southbank Road when looking for the new Wilton Court development - as well as helping emergency vehicles and deliveries headed to Waitrose.

The car park route has no signage or official road status - yet traffic is increasing with the care home in Abbey End and increase in deliveries expected with a new bar.

After months of confusion, councillors have vowed to take action in what town mayor, John Cooke described as “simply not satisfactory”.

Speaking at a meeting of Kenilworth Town Council, he said: “We simply seem to be going nowhere in solving this problem.”

Cllr Andrew Mobbs (Con, Parkhill), who is also leader of Warwick District Council, said it would be chased up with district council officers after branding the time already passed as “ridiculous”.

“We want to make sure this is sorted now and for the long term. We might as well forget the Local Plan if we can’t even get a street name sorted.”

Following a community consultation earlier this year, the name Wilton House Road was accepted as a viable option - in honour of the former headquarters of Kenilworth councils.

But nothing can progress until the name and location are approved by the district and county councils, and a new postcode is issued by Royal Mail.

And as the Almanack, Abbey End flats and businesses in the area might be given a new post code - a consultation would have to be held with everyone affected.

Warwickshire County Council said it had no objection but agreed that it would require address changes to “a number of premises”.