Road rage residents left seething after horse fair

Travellers set up camp at Thickthorne Farm in Kenilworth ahead of their horse fair.'Ref: 08SEP179
Travellers set up camp at Thickthorne Farm in Kenilworth ahead of their horse fair.'Ref: 08SEP179

Calls for action have flooded in after ‘abusive chaos’ and traffic gridlock at this weekend’s ‘troublesome’ horse fair.

Residents and councillors have united in calls for something to be done to protect their town after chaos during the event at Thickthorn field.

Hundreds flocked to the town to take part in the biggest horse fair of the year.

And as a result, Kenilworth was left completely gridlocked all the way back to Abbey Hill with residents reportedly subject to ‘abuse’ and lorry loads of litter in their streets as things got out of control.

Reports came in of tapes and ropes to keep cars off the grass reservation being pulled down, cars and horse boxes parking all over the roads and traffic jammed between the bypass and the Jet garage in both directions. Council workers were still out cleaning up the area on Thursday.

Traffic management teams were on site but enforcement was soon beyond their control once parking got out of hand.

And despite police reports that there was no increase in crime and disorder on Saturday and Sunday, many living around the site have called for more to be done.

Kenilworth Town Council received a number of complaints, and individual councillors were inundated, with one having 12 calls over the weekend.

One couple in Bullimore Grove told the KWN that they were subject to “unacceptable” and intimidating abuse when asking visitors who parked across their pavements to move, after groups turned up outside their home.

The town worker, who asked not to be named, said: “I’ve never seen traffic like it. There were cars parked all over the grass verges and people would not move, they were very intimidating. The litter covered the streets and it was a total disgrace. It was the worst we have ever seen it in town.”

A resident on Leamington Road described the weekend as “total chaos” claiming that after asking stewards for help, she was told there wasn’t enough manpower and there was nothing they could do.

“I have no objection to the event itself and the police used to manage it very well,” she said.

“The organisers seem to have neither the will or the experience to do it effectively.”

Angry businessman, Heath Stone described the weekend as “horrific” and “out of control”, demanding tighter controls to be enforced on organisers.

Event organisers are not subject to an entertainments licence for the fair which is held three times a year on site.

They are also responsible for enforcing their own traffic management which is no longer a police matter.