Rededication for the memory of Kenilworth’s heroes

Thousands of poppies are to be planted in Aylesbury
Thousands of poppies are to be planted in Aylesbury

Kenilworth’s war memorial could be rededicated and tours given of key sites during conflict in plans to commemorate the outbreak of WW1.

Charity volunteers, councillors, social groups and historians are all working together to mark 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War.

And the ‘most important ceremony’ currently being considered is a rededication of the Abbey Fields memorial in November 2018 to mark the end of the long-running conflict.

Names of Kenilworth war dead which were omitted in 1921 could be added, and the structure cleaned and honoured at a special ceremony.

Cllr Richard Davies who is helping bring events together, explained that while it was not uncommon for names to be missed, they are keen to ensure everyone is remembered.

“We all believe it would be appropriate to put this matter right in 2018,” he said.

“Historical experts will have had the time to ensure that this correction is the final tribute of the town to its fallen youth of 100 years ago”

Representatives from councils, churches, the Royal British Legion, chamber of trade, schools, Rotary Club, Lions and the Round Table are all working together on plans.

And ideas include history walks to areas like Spring Lane and Henry Street which both suffered heavy losses.

Guides would indicate the cottages from which volunteers and conscripts left, and relate what fate befell them to delve into the town’s history.

Schools may also borrow history boxes containing artefacts and letters from town soldiers, and exhibitions will be put on with help and contribution of town families.

A Kenilworth School concert and a history talk will be held at the parochial hall which was used during the conflict as a hospital.

Group chair Cllr George Illingworth can be contacted for information on 511183. More details will be available over the coming weeks.