Town has declined over the years

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At last! Someone has dared to speak out about the ruination of what was once a pleasant town (KWN letters last week).

When my family first moved here over 45 years ago Talisman Square was just being developed. We watched it become a pleasant area for shopping and also a place where town celebrations could be held. Now it is claustrophoic and virtually useless. When the shops were demolished we were presented with eyesore hoardings and, with the economy as it is, we are likely to be seeing those for years to come.

Yes, with the passing of years, the square had become shabby. However, somebody decided to throw the baby out with the bath-water and demolish rather than refurbish. Dare I suggest that whoever had such grandiose plans for a small, unique town did not live here? Were local citizens asked what they would like ?


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