Fireworks litter is a damned disgrace

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THE fireworks display at the castle has become a significant highlight in the town’s calendar and is an evening to which many of us always look forward; all who contribute to the event, in whatever capacity deserve to be commended for their time and effort.

Much less welcome, however, is the detritus left behind afterwards, strewn everywhere along the roads, lanes and green spaces around the castle. Castle Green in particular is a damned disgrace, still littered with bottles, cans, plastic glasses, styrofoam cups, fast food packaging and so forth nearly a fortnight after the event.

What sort of impression do you think that leaves on people passing by (on what is a main route through the town) or coming to visit the castle itself? A grotty little town full of grotty little people? Is that how we want to present ourselves? I really don’t think we do.

I’m aware that some residents have been out to litterpick but it should not be incumbent on them to clear up after those too idle or thoughtless to find a bin. I myself pick up rubbish throughout the year when walking my dog round the castle (since the management responsible for the stewardship of the site no longer appears to have the time, resources or, possibly, the inclination to attend to this properly) so to see my home environs turned overnight into a tip is particularly disheartening.

The blame clearly lies with the socially-retarded individuals incontinently leaving their refuse scattered behind them. However, the onus must fall on the event organisers and/or council to return the aforementioned areas of the town to a presentable state following the fireworks; the charity patently has the best interests of the town at heart so I therefore trust they are willing to resolve this issue now that they have successfully held their fundraiser.

Because the wider context is that, if we can’t rely on our elected representatives to effectively and consistently address problems like littering which blight our day-to-day existence, what hope do we have that the larger, complex issues like shaping the town (re-instating the mere, for example) won’t be fudged by the inevitable local politicking. Sometimes you wish someone would light a fire under them and liven their ideas up a little. I’ll leave you to draw your own fittingly Fawkesian analogy there. - Name and address supplied.

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