Queen’s love affair takes top spot

Medieval mayhem at Kenilworth Castle.
Medieval mayhem at Kenilworth Castle.

Kenilworth Castle has been named as one of the top ten places where people would most like to watch iconic moments in history unfold.

A survey by English Heritage historians searched for the locations tourists would most want to be if they could go back and watch a historical scene play out.

And Queen Elizabeth’s visit to the castle, and Robert Dudley’s attempt to win her hand in marriage, was named as one of the top in the wish list.

Jeremy Ashbee from English Heritage said it was “great” to see so much interest in history and hopes that many will take the opportunity to visit the castle - despite not being able to travel back in time.

The organisation is encouraging visitors to share visits through social media this summer by sending in pictures of themselves through Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #makinghistory