Police warn after car keys were ‘fished’ from hallway

police walk about'19/01/12'halmergate area,sp'PC Craig Lockton on the beat ENGANL00120120119170118

police walk about'19/01/12'halmergate area,sp'PC Craig Lockton on the beat ENGANL00120120119170118

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Kenilworth police are warning over ‘fishing burglaries’ after a car was stolen when the keys were grabbed though a letter box.

Officers are reminding residents to keep keys, wallets and other valuable items out of reach of burglars who go ‘fishing’ through doors.

The warning comes after the owner of a Jaguar XF had their car stolen from the drive outside the house after it is thought thieves managed to hook the engine keys using a long rod.

The theft of the silver Jaguar in Kenilworth took place sometime overnight on Monday April 14, and police are keen to trace anyone with information from the area.

Anyone who saw the car being driven through Kenilworth between 11pm and 8.30am should contact Detective Sergeant Cindy Stephenson on 101.

Warning residents to beware, DS Stephenson said, “People should make sure things like keys or other small valuable objects are kept well away from the doors or from the window.

“Thieves can be very creative in how they steal items and sometimes use poles, which they push through the letter box to hook up small items such as keys, which they then extract and as in this case, use to steal the car from outside the house.

“It is all too easy to drop them on the stairs or leave them on a work surface when you come in, but we ask people to make sure they get in to the habit of putting them down in a secure place where they cannot be seen from the window or from the door.”

A second car was stolen in Kenilworth sometime during the night of April 9 after thieves entered a house in Queens Road using keys which had been left in the front door lock.

Once inside, they took keys to a car parked outside which was then stolen.

The next night, sometime between midnight and 1.30pm on April 10, offenders got into a house in Angless Way via the back garden and French window.

Once inside, an X-Box was stolen as well as cash and other items.

Anyone with any information should contact police on 101.