Over 90 houses are not an option for Crackley, says council

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‘This land is still empty for a reason’, say councillors as they urge planners to reject the latest bid for 93 houses in the Crackley Triangle.

Kenilworth Town Council’s planning committee has “strongly objected” to the latest application for the land off Common Lane over fears of drainage and access.

Developer Bloor Homes propose 93 homes including 37 affordable on the site.

But councillors have written to Warwick District Council urging the plan be rejected and stating that there is “good reason” why the much-sought after site has not already been developed.

A statement lodging their opposition to the bid states: “Any area of Kenilworth which has not already been developed must be considered with care.

“Unless it enjoys specific protection, there must be good reason why it has not been built on.

“In the case of the Crackley Triangle, there are two main reasons: access and drainage.”

The town planners raised concern over the proposed one-way access route which would only allow residents in and out of the site using a traffic light system and mean potential congestion for buses.

Currently traffic travels through a pinch-point where a bridge crosses the Greenway and railway line.

Agreeing this was already a heavily congested site, members found a “high risk” of the junction becoming regularly blocked.

They also raised fears over increased flooding in the area if the land is built up to send water further downstream.

There is no flood risk on the site itself, but it is thought that any development in the area could cause issues elsewhere in the town.

They stated: “This part of Kenilworth has suffered regularly in the past few years from both surface water and foul flooding problems. The land is not liable to flooding, but drainage issues have arisen as concern.”

The site in question sits in the middle of two areas of built up land, but has never been developed - despite being a popular option for years.

The latest to have ideas, Bloor Homes have said that improved access onto Common Lane has been built into the plan, as well as additional links with the Greenway.

The company cited it as an “ideal site for residential development”.

The site is not in green belt land and any houses approved will be considered independently to the Local Plan currently looking to place over 1,000 houses in Kenilworth.

The final decision will be made by WDC planning committee when they discuss the bid over the coming weeks.