Old Town dreams for High Street

These shops stood opposite the Harrow pub on Cambridge Street in 1961
These shops stood opposite the Harrow pub on Cambridge Street in 1961

A complete rebrand of Kenilworth’s High Street to create a tourists’ ‘Old Town’ could be on the way as retailers try and boost their businesses.

The idea of the more traditionally branded area similar to that in Leamington was put forward by business owners at a meeting on how best to increase footfall in High Street.

The move would make the most of the contrast between the older part of town and the newer Warwick Road shopping area and may involve links with the castle.

And it is hoped it will all go towards encouraging more visitors who may not know of the variety of shops, restaurants, bars and health services further out of town.

Jane Poulter from Jam Creative Marketing which organised the group meeting for businesses past Abbey End, said the ideas already discussed have received fantastic support and that there was great enthusiasm to take the town forward.

“The idea was really well received as most businesses tend to direct people to the old town anyway as people new to the town see Warwick Road as the High Street,” she said.

A marketing group of retailers, chaired by town centre manager, Zoe Court, will now meet each month to develop ideas and work with the council to make the much-needed changes to shout about High Street.

Fuzail Jamall from Pennington’s Dental said it was vital to help business owners work together and share ideas to make the most of the area.

“We are all so busy,” he said. “We welcome the initiative to organise this meeting and I am excited about the ideas being discussed.”

Richard Hales, chair of the Chamber of Trade has also given full backing to the initiative to make the most of everything Kenilworth has to offer.

“We are one hundred percent behind this group and applaud any businesses within the town who get together to support and help each other,” he said.

The marketing group will meet again at the end of February to discuss plans further.